Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Well, I'll try It can't hurt more than being cut open...

The word "Blog" sounds like something one would say on arising with a bad taste in one's mouth. Since everyone seems to be designing and publishing Blogs these days, I am a lot late in putting this out. I have so many other projects going (a photo directory for our Retirement Community, a start on a non-fiction account of growing up in a small resort town, recovering from 5 heart attacks and a quadruple bypass, paying for the latter...) so starting a new one is daunting. Ah, I'm now daunted. Doesn't take much to daunt me, does it? Is it the project or the prospect of having people read my thoughts and finding them wanting I find daunting? Don't know.
Stay tuned for the intro to my (as yet unpublished, alas) book.


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Lenny said...

As Schultz would say..VERRRY Interesting.I want more.........Lenny