Sunday, June 27, 2010


There was a note from in our email today. They tell me "it's time for your reunion, Joel". Well, several from the class attempted to tell them that before the reunion was to be held June 12th. Since yesterday's note was for 6/26, I guess they don't keep track of that. They can, however, keep track of which ads to throw at me, and think of clever dating schemes I might try if I were inclined to be suicidal. My wife whould not like that, I'm sure. Dating is OUT.

It was wonderful to see you all (even though I'm sure this isn't reaching anyone, as no one seems to read these words or look to this blog for entertainment, and hope to see many of you again before the 55th or 60th class get together. After all, some of us did not make it this (50th) year as they have been rendered unable to attend ANY events, anywhere, by the great equalizer. Next year it could be my turn, so I can't promise anything, really. Still, it was fun, boat trip and all, even though some of us have trouble relating to a really cold draft produced by rapid motion over water on a cold riverine night... Seriously, it was fun. A beautiful sunset topped it all off.

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