Sunday, June 27, 2010

So we were in Clayton. The Video was posted after a long creation process, and it's unlabled. I have yet to find a video maker I'm happy with, at low cost. Software costs more than the camera, and the camera software is inadequate...but here is another. Some slides and footage of Cayuga Lake and Watkins Glen. We hadn't been back there in some time, and I loved the train clanking along between salt plants in front of the classy new hotel.

Been back to work two days now. Request for parents of young children (we get lots at the museum I work for): Please, if your extraordinaryily cute and clever child of 3 really needs to talk without cease at the top of his/her lungs (OK, scream, not talk, usually)PLEASE take him/her outside to enterain yourself and the great outdoors on the other side of the the parking lot if possible... Those of us forced to work in the confines of a large echoing room, particularly the wearers of hearing aids, would really appreciate it. Oh, and your child by the way is more clever than you think. He/she has you wrapped tightly around a small digit. Knows you think his "talking" is just the cleverest, smartest thing, and somehow knows you think his intellectual growth will be thwarted by your application of the "seen and not heard" rule....

Back to work tomorrow. I really DO love kids. It's the parenting (or lack thereof) I can't stand!

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